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Judy Mauer, BSW
Professional Organizer,
Coach, Owner
Serving:  Tampa Bay, FL and Nationally via Skype/Email

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Judie Bridgeman-Rolland, MS
Professional Organizer,
Serving:  Paris, France & Pensacola, FL (currently serving Paris)

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Creatively Organizing is in its 11th year of business!
Professional Organizers for your home & office

This is the year to Abolish Overwhelm and replace it with ABUNDANCE

Clarity, Efficiency, Productivity, Simplicity & Beauty
are what you will find here.

Freedom . . . an end to mental clutter means room in your life for abundance . . .

  • We assess your space in relationship to your areas of concern and how it needs to function with your lifestyle, time demands, responsibilities & need to enjoy your life.
  • We help you define your vision for order and aesthetics.
  • We create a plan that you can implement yourself or,
  • We work with you hands-on taking you through and teaching you the quickest and most effective methods for organizing any space.
  • Or, we can work on our own, if you are available to answer question. 
  • We teach you how to keep up and abolish "overwhelm"
  • We turn your space into an organized foundation that supports where you are and where you are headed. 

Are you ready to GET ORGANIZED?
Owner: Judy Mauer, BSW

Owner of Creatively Organizing, is a veteran Organizer and member of the National Association of Professional Organizers Golden Circle.  She holds a Bachelor of Social Work, BSW, which is a generalist counseling degree. 

Judy is completely impassioned by helping her customers succeed using her innovative home and office organizing strategies with busy professionals, entrepreneurs, families, individuals & seniors.  She has specialized in working with Chronic Disorganization, Hoarding, AD/HD, depression and other mental and emotional barriers with amazing results. 

As a life and personal development coach grounded deeply in organizing principles, Judy is able to bring order into your spaces and clear the associated mental and emotional clutter that binds up your productivity and happiness. 

Over the years she has developed an exceptional team of Professional Organizers who match her passion and expertise for bringing a sense of order and peace to all Creatively Organizing Customers. 
Tampa Bay: 727-420-9941
Paris, France: +33 1 46 24 25 95
  • Tampa Bay
  • Inlays County
  • Hillsborough County
  • St. Petersburg
  • Largo
  • Clearwater
  • Seminole
  • Palm Harbor
  • Tampa
  • West Chase Area
  • Escambia county, FL
  • Santa Rosa county, FL
  • Western Okaloosa county, FL (Destin and west)
  • Southern Baldwin county, AL
  • Pensacola

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"I know and my customers will tell you that to get organized with a professional organizer is to engage the most effective catalyst to making life work.  Allowing it to touch any area of your life is an investment that will create lasting, positive change".                Judy Owner/president

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Carol Fross
Professional Organizer
Serving:  Tampa Bay, FL

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