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Carol Fross     

“When I met Carol I was taken immediately by her sensitive positive nature.  She carries herself with peace.  I wanted her to be part of our team, for sure. As we came to know each other more, I quickly gained complete confidence in her organizing abilities.  Watching her with customers and working with her in their spaces is a complete pleasure and they just love her.”

Judy Mauer, Creatively Organizing Founder

*5 Star Rating on Home Advisor:

  • "Great experience. Very focused. Much more done than I had anticipated."
  • "Carol was hired to work with my grieving, overwhelmed, elderly father to bring order to his entire home after my mother had passed away 2 months before. Not only did Carol get this very large job completed to our satisfaction but she became a compassionate, caring companion to my father. Unfortunately, our father passed away suddenly a short time after she completed the assignment. Carol's efforts were not at all in vain. Not only did the work she did for our father relieve his burden but ours after his passing as well. We are very grateful to her and would recommend this service to anyone for whom bring chaos to order has become overwhelming."

About Carol
Carol "found her paradise home" when she moved to the Tampa Bay Area from West Central / Southern Illinois in 2005.  If asked when she began organizing, she'll tell you her earliest memory is of spending time at her " Granny's " where her favorite pastime was organizing the kitchen cupboards, desk, dressers and anything else Granny would allow.  From there she developed her gifts even more and kicked into overdrive when she became the mother of  5 children (a daughter, twin sons, and twin son and daughter).  Being organized has always been a priority and passion! 

One of Carol's greatest assets in the Creatively Organizing family is her 25+ years as an Executive Manager with Tupperware Home Parties and more specifically, Custom Kitchen Planning.  Carol's passion for kitchen organization has allowed her to successfully help well over 500 customers live a more happily organized and family maintainable kitchen. 

Carol understands the importance of functioning joyfully in our “space”, how essential being organized, making the most of our time and whatever space we have available, is to functioning joyfully.  She listens acutely to her customer’s visions and needs.  Whether her customers are busy professionals, families, individuals or seniors, she loves nothing more than sharing her gifts and insights to create systems of order and time management strategies for them. 

Professionally, Carol has been offered the opportunity to share her talents with a track record of success under many titles such as Independent Contractor, Business Development Representative, Field Educational Recruiter, Trainer, Quality Assurance Manager, Account Manager; all requiring precise organizing, communication, business development and administrative process skills.

Carol is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)

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