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Organizing is a Process
And for some it is very involved!  This video was obviously not put together professionally and I am not all that talented in this area.  Of course, my talents lay in Organizing and Personal Development.  This vedio shows a bit about the organizing process. It is not intended to be a perfect "Before and After" showing of my abilities.  It is to show you something about the process. 
A Tip about Batteries

Recorded teleclass: Judy talks about Spring Cleaning and Clutter Clearing with Sheri Rosenthal, toltec teacher. (player does not work in Chrome browser)
This lightens my spirit and makes me GIGGLE!
"Organizing is about freeing yourself so that you can be you! Whatever that may be!" I promise that I will not expect you to dance like this when we are together, however, I have been known to do a scaled down version when success is achieved! :)" 

Creativity:  Tap into yours!
author of Eat, Pray, Love . . .  worth the time to watch!
We Love Our Stuff: 
While most of us don't want our stuff all over our floors, I think to some degree we all love our stuff.  When someone crosses a boundry with "Touching your stuff".  Send them a link to this stuff with a little note-- Ok maybe not!  Just watch and enjoy. (let me know if a professional organizer is the only one who would enjoy.

And don't worry, we never touch your "stuff" unless you want us to!  AND! we don't pressure you either.  It is your stuff and you make the decisions, we facilitate YOUR process!!
Get outside yourself:
We all, at times, get weighted down, too busy, too sad, too stressed, too hurt!!  There is no therapy like getting yourself up, or taking a break and finding someone whose life you can touch in a special way.  Let this video inspire you. 

If it makes you cry, you may need a hug, call someone special and ask them to spend some time with you and give you a hug.