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S, St. Petersburg, FL 2010
I just really want to thank you for the help you’ve been giving me in not just organizing my home office but in organizing my brain as well. It seems as though, as we work together, I can see and think more clearly. Every time you help me clear a bit more of the physical clutter, I feel the mental clutter disappear. Best of all, instead of feeling hopeless and helpless in my work space, I’m starting to get ideas about it again. My own creativity is coming back! Or finally being “un-buried”. It seems that each little thing you point out gets me thinking about more things I can do to improve the area. And I’m certainly not talking about expensive purchases - just little adjustments that pay big benefits. This de-cluttering that you do is a marvelous process: it seamlessly works on the physical, mental and emotional levels. I love it and I’m excited about moving further forward. With joy and thanks

MJ, Safety Harbor, FL 2010
Judy is positive, supportive and energetic. She helped me to develop systems for organizing my 'creative clutter', and also motivated me to continue using the ones that were already in place. She listens carefully to what you want her to help you with, and she brings depth and insight to the situation, whatever it may be. I couldn't recommend her more highly!

RT, St. Pete, F 2008
"The unique creative perspectives you have really provided me with such a positive approach to engaging my children in caring for our home that I am eternally grateful.  They now see our home and family as a community of team players--it is like a miracle!"

JR, St. Pete Florida 2007
"We were on a timeline and Judy quickly assessed our situation and got to work with us. She moved us through the sorting and clearing of items that we really did not want or need. In this regard, hiring her not only cleared the way for buyers to look in the previously secret corners of our overfull storage areas, but she greatly reduced the cost of our move and created an actual savings over what we invested in her services. Not only that, but she brought a sense of humor and we actually had fun with what would have otherwise been a dreadful, daunting task."

SM, St. Petersburg, FL 2005
My experiences working with Judy have been extremely profound. I was physically worn down and emotionally unable to move forward. Judy has been a fantastic gift for me. She is loving, absolutely up-front and honest, extraordinarily intuitive . . . and very, very wise. Over the course of our meetings, I have moved far forward, regained my feeling of well being, clarified my purpose and path, and strengthened my own connection to life.

KW, St. Petersburg, FL 2006
Judy provided me with organizing services during several months last year. I had purchased my family home after my mothers passing and was mired with the daunting task of clearing out 50 years worth of accumulated family treasures and clutter. I was petrified to have her see my home, which she diffused with her non-judgmental attitude. What I found was that she truly was excited and inspired by all the mess. We started with her can do attitude that quickly rubbed off on me. Judy worked side-by-side with me setting goals, sorting, clearing and reorganizing everything; making most of the experience surprisingly fun. We moved through my entire home including the closets, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, all living spaces, the attic and garage. She provided amazing support during an emotionally draining time. She was indispensable to me and I could never have completed all that we did on my own in such a short time. Her humor and positive energy were my catalysts.

KH, St. Petersburg 2006
When I was first recommended to use help de-cluttering, I avoided it. I didn’t think I could handle anyone seeing the condition of my house. I have been using Judy Mauer for months. She is not judgmental, but is firm in dealing with the clutter. She helps you break old habits and replace them with new habits. It is helpful having a new set of eyes. Judy is very encouraging especially when you hit the hard spots. I highly recommend her.

Testimonials (before and after pictures in our gallery)
Our goal is to give you the skills to overcome your overwhelm, help you set up systems and impart organizing skills in order that you become capable of moving forward on your own in the future.   Of course, we will always be here to help if you would like. . .

M.C., Palm Harbor, 2014
I thought I would give you an update and let you know, we finally moved into a really big house and I am finally almost completely organized!!! Even my three car garage.  I have totally used your skills you thought me and I even threw out all those old clothes and a ton of stuffed animals and just junk.  So, thanks for all you showed me and for being such a kind person.

DR. M.R., Tampa, FL, 2014
Thank you so much for helping me get my place & life in better order!  You're Amazing.

R.C., NPR, 2014
Great workshop.  Really starts making you think about the control you really do have over your own thinking & life, thanks!

A.S., San Key Beach, FL 2014
Judy, Thank you for all your help! What you did for me is just unbelievable.  All of the systems you helped me to create work so well I just cannot believe it! Everything is staying so neat! I just cannot believe it is me.

Today is Tuesday, and I am doing my paperwork in a very organized fashion with no chaos of clutter.  Although, I am thrilled with the way this day is going, I have this weird stressed, panic feeling at the base of my stomach.  But, now, thanks to you,, I know that this feeling is simply my brain trying to resist change.  And since I now understand this concept, I am simply talking myself out of the stress and moving forward!! Love it!!

T.W., Inverness, FL  2014
When I contacted Creatively Organizing, I was in the middle of a complete life transition, from a new promotion at work, to a recent divorce and moving into a new home. Judy counseled me and assisted me in taking care of my personal and mental well being and how vital that was to finding peace after a dramatic life change.  She assisted me in focusing on something peaceful when I would start to become overwhelmed at work.

At work,with my new promotion, came the responsibility of two previous administrators and all of their files/clutter, which had been hastily boxed up with no rhyme or reason to it.  I was extremely overwhelmed, as not only did I have to keep doing the tasks of both persons, I had to find time to "go through" their things.  Judy assisted me in coming up with a plan to first determine what I had and where I wanted to go with it.  I was able to purge two 55 gallon cans of paperwork and reduce over 30 file boxes of paperwork, down to twelve, which we organized by task.

Once, the office was complete, Judy assisted me on tackling my new home and my new space, which I was determined not to fill with clutter.  My new home is small but there is lots of storage space, which Judy helped me organize and create systems to maintain peace and order in my new home. 

I feel that without the assistance of Creatively Organizing and Judy in particular, my life transition could of become a life disaster instead of the life success that it did.

J.G. Seminole, FL  2014
I have been using Clara for almost one year now....She is a DREAM.  She has helped me so much plus she has such a positive attitude about everything it is infectious.

SR, Tampa, FL 2013
Recently I got the bug again of going thru my house. Teamwork really keeps me going and out of my head so I have my niece helping me. I am using your techniques in putting things in clear containers and labeling, etc..  Thanks for the time you spent with me. It was very valuable and I get it.

PJ, Tampa, FL  2013
Judy is not only an wonderful person with a beautiful spirit but is an amazing organizer! Judy organized our condo on the beach from closets to files to kitchen cabinets and it has been great! 

J.B., Paris, France-2012
So we got back from Hungary yesterday and began our quest for reorganizing today. That said, the timing of your email was perfect!

We are doing it a step at a time and can I just say, with your first suggestion for the vacuum cleaner, we were able to totally reorganize under the sink and the cleaning cupboard  , , , a full shelf in the kitchen and  . . . we were able to move the tools from the night stand to the kitchen shelf above the fridge and viola!  2 newly cleaned out drawers in the bedroom!  JH is already thinking of how to attack the bedroom . . .  We will be lean and mean by the end of the week.  Pure genius!  I can see why you have made a thriving business out of this - you're good :-D

W.P., Clearwater FL, 2012
Judy offers  the perfect non-judgmental, supportive environment in which to explore what is happening in a client's life.  She approaches everything with optimism.  Her wide range of experience and interest touches just about every aspect of a customer's life: relationships with family members, clearing clutter and developing new habits, changing mindset and energy, interior design and space planning, storage, career review and visioning.

She is only a phone call away and is fully present on the phone for a quick questions or intervention. I have learned so much from Judy, and admired her work as a coach.

PH,  Holiday, FL 2011
Dear Judy, it was such a pleasure working with you. You made home organizing fun, which is no easy task for me!  My daughter came
home from school and was very excited to see the clean counter too. Thanks again for working with me and helping to make my life a healthier, happier one.