Get started getting organized!
Why hire us as Your Professional Organizers?

Are you asking, "I used to be an organized person. What happened?"

Or saying, "I never really learned how to be organized." 

Perhaps . . . life is too busy, you have fallen behind and "Overwhelm" has crept in.

Do you dream of being as organized as your friends and everyone else seems to be?
Are you asking, "How do they do it!"  or "How can I get organized?" 

There are a lot of reasons that would motivate someone to contact a Professional Organizer for organizational services. With our organizing services, we are ready to show you how to capture more order in your life and hang on to it! 

We are completely impassioned about getting you organized and dedicated to insuring, when you call on us, it will be an investment in yourself that you will never regret!  Here are some of the reasons we think you should consider becoming more organized and letting us be your guides.

Some of the Benefits!
  • stay focused and really get organized and stay organized. 
  • become more self-aware, learn what your organizational styles are and what kind of systems work for you.
  • become more productive. No clutter = Clear Mind = increased productivity. 
  • receive taylored solutions that meet your unique organizing needs in ways that you cannot imagine without us.
  • become equipped to handle routine, daily life & life transitions now and in the future with grace.
  • find  a level of organization that allows you to find what you need, when you need it in less than 5 minutes. 
  • have an organized closet, full of clothes you love to wear. 
  • become independant in your ability to manage and organize your "stuff" because we give you the tools and skills. 
  • rid yourself of that dreded "Overwhelm".  We show you how to overcome it quickly and with strategies that will work now and in the furtue 

Our Organizing Services Include

Getting Organized: Of course, we take you through the organizing process, transforming your space into a place you gain energy from and love to be.

1 month of follow-up coaching: 4 calls, 1 per week to insure you create the habits you need for maintenance.  Of course, you can call us anytime.

Delivery of donations: We take donations to the center of your choice and we know them all and help you choose. 

We are Green: We are always conscious of how things are disgarded.  We take all of your unusual recyclable materials with us and deliver them to the proper recycling center.  Did you know that the UPS store will take most of your styrophome packing materials?

Free Membership in our Customer Site: (temporarily down for redesign) Once you become a customer of Creatively Organizing, you become a lifetime memeber of our 'Customer site'.  Reference organizing wisdom at any point in the future.

Free Skype Focus Calls:  We have regularlly scheduled Skype conference calls to inspire you to continue your focus on your home or office organization. 

Getting Started

Step 1

Initial Call: During this free 1/2+ hour phone consulation we spend time with listening to you, sharing organizing principals & ideas, exploring our services and answering all of your questions about our organizing services and what next step is best for you.  We get to know you and you get to know us. 

Step 2

You choose: Schedule 1 of these:
  • Initial Consultation:  Scheduled as a seperate consultation, it is designed to address those larger organizing projects. This is the kick-off to your new, more organized life. It lasts 1 1/2 to 3 hours depending on the scope of your project. This is an indepth assessment of your unique situation. We help you clarify your vision and explore strategies that will bring you to your vision. We discuss and decide which organizing services will best serve you. 

  • Get Started Right away: This is an Initial Consultation combined with your first hands-on organizing session.  Designed for smaller projects or those who want to see a significant difference immediately.  4 hours

  • Intensive Consultations: This service is for the person who can organize on their own and wants an extra set of well trained, experienced eyes to provide an indepth assessment,  make recommendations and develop a step-by-step plan.  This is a one time appointment  We show you how to get started, get through the sorting, releasing, and organizing process in the most efficient way possible. You may combine this with our coaching or other services at anytime. 

Our Menu of Services:
  • We use a combination of services to bring you to your vision of the "organized you".
  • The variety of services we offer allows us to design a "Get organized" plan that is unique to you and your needs.
  • Whether you are working within a budget or not, we create each plan of services  with a frugal mindset.

Organizing Sessions: 
You will come out of these sessions feeling refreshed with less clutter in your space and mind.
  • It is all about having fun! Using our uplifting energy, we work with you one-on-one sorting, clearing and organizing.
  • During this process we impart to you, through hands on experience and written materials, organizing strategies and principals that motivate and empower you to become your own organizer. 
  • You learn how to take yourself through the organizing process in the future armed with the skills to overcome "overwhelm". 
Sessions delivered via:
  • In-person
  • Video Conferencing
  • Phone and email

Refresher/Maintenance Sessions:  The relationship we have with our "stuff" is dynamic. We release and we buy more and if not paid attention to, your organized space can get out of shape. If you find that things are accumulating have us back to guide you through a quick declutter.

Maintenance Coaching:  We design everything for ease of maintenance and work with you on developing maintenance routines and strategies throughout your organizing project.  If you have completed your orgainizing sessions, you will receive one month of maintenance coaching for free.  If you feel like you need more, we have a special coaching program that is inexpensive and quite effective.

Time Management Coaching: Time management is key in everyones life and part of our all our organizing services.  After we have completed your organizing if you need more of this we offer stand alone time management coaching. Time management can be one of the greatest stress relieving activities you can engage in.

Life and Personal Development coaching: More than Coaching, not therapy.  Bring a deeper focus to your inner environments and become more conscious, present and aware as part of the organizing process.  Everything in our space is a reflection of what is going on within us.  If you are on a personal development path and want to focus on your inner environments using your space as the catalyst, Judy, our owner, specializes in bringing this depth to the organizing process. Please request her.

Who Do We Work With
Since 2006, we have aquired extensive experience working with everyone you can imagine: seniors; students; individuals of all ages; couples; roomates; businesses. 

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